I want to tell all of you that Craig Taddonio is a fraud, this guy is a druggist and he claims to be a broker, this is not possible!! He should not be running any company; he needs to be sent to rehab. He cannot help other people because he is the one who is ****** in need of help!! He is supposedly the “CEO” of this company, but guys he steals from all his clients. While talking to one of his employees, discussing investment, he himself told me that his CEO was supposedly addicted to “pain killers” or some sort of pills and if he doesn’t make me sign this agreement he will the thrashed. I mean this sounded really weird but maybe it is true!! Why would his own employee cook up a story? I called up the number 631-414-7944, for assistance. But then after my first call neither did I get to talk to the person I spoke the first time, nor did I get any sort of assistance. WHAT THE ****!! All I got were forced male voices on the opposite phone forcing me to make investments. This is not fair, I don’t want to!! But they started blackmailing, huh!! I’m sure he is some sort of junkie, but a freak like him shouldn’t be running a brokerage firm, rather any sort of firm. He has no right or no sense. They churn their clients’ accounts, commit wire frauds regularly, suggest unsuitable investments, then there is security fraud and how can I forget excessive commission and other such claims. I received an email from [email protected] stating that if I didn’t make investments as “suggested” I’d have to pay them a commission of some amount because I am breaking or over ruling one of their policies. I mean what the ****? Are they insane? How can they ******* force you to do anything? I tried withdrawing my account but they wouldn’t let me. They told me my papers got mixed up with someone else’s; they almost made me wait two ****** months before I could pull out my account from there. They made me waste so much of my money. ********!! I had to literally threaten them and tell them I would contact authorities if they didn’t release my account on time. So after so much of delay and loot they finally released my account. Guys please don’t get scammed by Craig’s team, his company or whatever! That guy is a psycho drug addict and should not be running a firm! This company and this person need to be investigated. Their a SCAM!!

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