He’s a lair. Cheat ..and is horribly abusive in so many ways. I had a child with this man. And he lied all the way threw court kiddnapping our 10 month old son from his mother and sister. And paid a lot of money to win..he’s a con and still cons. He will tear ur family and life apart. Like he did my children and I..he out for himself and only himself. Trust me I was blinded by his lies for 6 yes. Our son is parentless cause he rather a daycare raise our baby..while he goes and chases woman and gets high and drunk..he left me broke and homeless so many times cause I believed his lies. He has lots of money.and lots of charm. But he has a dark side..look it up in waller county.. Police reports.. He still under investigation. With them and other agencies.. He’s not aloud around my daughter. And if your reading this I bet he’s trying to sleep with me right now like he does everyone. O and don’t ever let him touch ur phone he is majicley a computer hacking wize. Trust me I’ve lived the tourcher for years..he will blame u for his mistakes..and he’s abusive to our son that just turned 4..I hope you don’t fall victim to the **** I’ve known for 6 yrs. He’s the best con I’ve ever meet..beware he don’t care about anybody..he will come up with excuses for his mental health issues and blame u as being the problem..trust me he blames and yells at our son blaming him for everything.. Its sick..please if u see him be anyway abuive to our son..please report it..thank you for reading and good luck to you..

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