I started dating this tool in January, we hit it off and everything was perfect. In March he hacked my router and read all my personal messages and emails because he was jealous over some minor thing. I still took him back after that (so stupid, I know)…and that’s when he started dating this other girl. I didn’t know, but he was always on some shady behavior and I knew something was going on. He never would admit to anything and always told me what I needed to hear so I would stay with him. Well he is sloppy and dumb, because this morning in bed he was texting someone, and they responded when he went to the bathroom. I saw her name and asked him who she was, and he claims she was just a friend. Yeah right. I find her on Facebook and there are a few selfies of them with hearts and sh’t. I go further down the rabbit hole and find her IG with TONS of pictures of them together, their dates, etc. Funny thing is, a lot of these dates he snap chatted me his dinner or his drink! Or had initially invited me, but I couldn’t go so he took her. So sad for him, because I made contact with her and we had a nice conversation and now he has no one. So, some other s;it. He used to sell a ton of drugs – he’s still in it, he has a bank account in Ohio where all his drug money goes. He sold to his friend’s mom, who overdosed and died, and then he turns that same friend onto selling. Great morale system on this guy. He stabbed his own father when he was in high school, and had to do a year in prison because of it. And don’t let his height misguide you, his d*** is small as s***. Run for your life from this guy – he is a mess of lies and dishonesty.

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