Darren Ambler is a sick disgrace and menace to women and society. He is a brain damaged *** addict/predator and Drug addict/pusher. Mr. Ambler loves to abuse women Physically and mentally. He is a Big Dork mental case with no looks, no appeal and Zero personality. He has engaged in Prostitution, multiple *** affairs, drug pushing and spreading his dirty STD Infections which is also against the law.

No wonder his former wife “took off”. Who could stand an Ugly, drug addicted *** freak with bad breath, no wee wee and rotted Internal organs. Darren would screw anything that moves. He has screwed grandmothers, divorced women, married women, prostitutes, teenagers and even men on occasion. Darren Ambler enjoyed threesomes and group *** with mistresses and hookers. Darren Ambler is a complete “Failure” in the bedroom. He has a gross body and his breath is stinky and highly flammable.

Darren Ambler is a Drug addict also. He is high 95% of the time and he pushes his dirty drugs on *** partners. His favorite drugs are Cocaine, speed, pot, Heroin and pills. Darren Ambler is a Pharmacist who should have his license pulled indefiitely. He is a sick degenerate who is gross in every way and needs to also have his two children removed from his care. He is incompetent, *** addicted, perverted and takes drugs all the time. Darren Ambler is abnormal and suffering brain damage from years of drug abuse.

Former *** partners such as Megan Bentzley, Mindy Murray, Natalie Becerra, Angie Parsons, Georgie Parsons etc…all agree Darren is a big joke in bed. Darren even screws men when the mood strikes. Darren is an uncaring , selfish pathological liar. He has no class, morals, manners or etiquette. He is a male Prostitute that has spread his filthy STD’s to numerous partners. Darren has also fathered illegitimate children.

Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill NJ> . . His last known employer was Express Script/ Cigna in New Jersey. He is a liar and incompetent in every day. Just an insecure dud seeking to satisfy a sick *** drive and drug habit.

Beware..stay away from this sick perverted creep. Warn others. Call POLICE if he solicits you for ***, drugs or anything for that matter. His breath is horrific and due to *** practices his Internal organs are rotting away slowly due to disease. Darren loves hookers and vulnerable females. He is a 145 pound perverted Loser with nothing appealing at all.

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