Darrin Robert Goodman DOB 7/4/1965 AKA wildgoody AKA Wildcatgeorge AKA greatztongue (ok, that’s funny!)

If his lips are moving he’s lying, run fast run far, you’ve been warned, dada yada yada. You know the drill.

LIAR who talks smack about his current women to gain sympathy from his latest target (all his exes are crazy and you don’t want to be next)

CHEATER who passes himself off as “divorced” on hookup sites

USER who had his fiancée cover his truck payment so he could cavort at a brothel—twice

ABUSER who begrudges his family food and gas money but pays for a year subscription on a cheater site

LOSER who blames his wife for spending him into oblivion when, in fact, he’s doing that just fine on his own between motor vehicle collisions, unpaid traffic tickets, delinquent student loans, and back taxes

He passes himself off as honest, trustworthy, hardworking, a victim of women and circumstance. In reality, he thinks the rules of society and common decency don’t apply to him.

If he would spend the same amount of time, money, and effort being an adult as he does chasing tail, he wouldn’t have to run off the books to dodge creditors and taxes.

He’s not just a two-timer—he’s a three-timer! He juggled a wife, fiancée, and girlfriend (they met at a truck stop café and were in bed two hours later and they’ve been together ever since? how romantic). He doesn’t practice safe ***, doesn’t get tested, and he’s been exposed to herpes in two previous relationships.

He cheated on, divorced, and remarried his wife (“for the kids”). Family life became tiresome and he started another relationship with the promise to divorce and marry, only to get antsy again a few years later. All this after he borrowed thousands from his fiancée’s elderly mother, flaked on repayment, and ultimately had to be threatened with legal action to make it right. His girlfriend probably ponied up that cash, sine she sent him her credit card for a fourth truck after he destroyed the first three in the course of his business, one of which was borrowed from a friend and towing a load, which was also a total loss (“I’m sure that the insurance company is going to come after me for it”).

He must trawl his spam folder for the lowest of the low hookup sites. He was ultimately found to be on at least the following hookup sites (of course, he’s “divorced”), although his clumsy attempts at seduction were apparently directed primarily at scammers:


He is a repeat customer at the Wildcat Brothel in Nevada. Due to state laws requiring it that’s probably the only time he’s used protection.

He is incapable of honesty or transparency (“I bought a subscription for Zoosk because I thought it was a ‘communication’ site [like LinkedIn]”).

He lies by omission: e.g., oh noes! his bank account got raided again by the evil gubmint powers-that-be! (turns out it’s for so much back child support that he’s been denied a passport). He refuses to consider a budget and adhere to a monthly payment schedule.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hindsight is, as they say, 20/20.

He’s glib, he’s charming, he’s a poor lost puppy dog, and he’s a hot mess of a train wreck.

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