If you every meet this man .Run. He preys on widows and will take you for everything. Hes a very good liar and will convince you that giving it all to him or selling your possesions so that he can take your money is the right thing to do. I assure this man knows nothing about faithful. I delt with him for almost 6 yrs and there were at least 15 women that i knew of. Several of them multiple times. He throws the word love around without feelings at all. He has not a clue of the meaning of that word. Darryl is a very good manipulator. He will tell his family. his friends anyone that will listen horrible lies about you only so he will not look like the scum feeder he is.

Darryl J Dingman
D.O.B. 3-13-67
From Azle . Tx
Drives a semi for Millis Transfer.

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