DAYTON man and woman has been arrested for incest.

Darren J Braun, 45, and his sister Tina Braun, were arrested on incest charges last week

According to arrest documents, the brother “Darren J Braun” and sister “Tina Braun” had *** in may.

Darren J Braun, who is on ssi disability, also faces charges of indecent liberties with a child, communicating threats and being intoxicated and disruptive.

45-year-old Darren J Braun is accused of fathering a child with his own sister.

According to court documents, the alleged incest happened in Dayton, Ohio, and was only discovered that the baby was born with down syndrome after the newborn child had severe health issues that required DNA testing.

Darren J Braun and Tina Braun is also charged with two counts of incest in the second degree, two counts of lewd molestation, and two counts of incest in Dayton, Ohio County

Detectives believe the alleged incest happened between August and September of 2011.

He is also accused of sexual misconduct without the consent of the female victim.

Braun, who was arrested Jan. 11, is currently being detained in the Montgomery County Jail on $50,000 bond. As a condition of the bond, Braun must have no contact with his sister, her family or any child under 18 years old.

The Montgomery county family services is also involved in the case.

Darren J Braun             Tina Braun

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