He is (5’4)-(5’5) and is a 18 (almost 19) year old male. He said he has enlisted in the United States Army and is going to basics/bootcamp soon. He told me he has gone to Juvenile several times in his past for fighting with people, and he said he liked to fight (at least in his younger teens.) His father is in prison for second-degree manslaughter, and on other charges. He is an emotionally baggage person, and he is disloyal and a compulsive liar.

Back Story-
My ex Devontae Browder has been cheating on me (according to his girlfriend). His girlfriend ALLOWS HIM to sleep around and talk to a bunch of girls on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. He has a habit of talking and flirting with a bunch of females at a time. He said he’d marry me since he is in the Army and will be going to bootcamp soon, but he just wanted to use me. He lied to me for 2-3 months straight saying he loved me when he didn’t. He also re-sells stuff at a higher price to try to make quick money on the streets, SO IF YOU LIVE IN PINE BLUFF STAY AWAY HE WILL SCAM YOU! He is stubborn, and will get jealous if you even talk or FaceTime another guy who is just a friend. He will say he isn’t jealous and doesn’t care, but how he acts gives it away. Which is stupid because he flirts and has posted pictures of other women on his snapchat for “women crush Wednesday.” He is the definition of a man-***** and uses the same tricks for every girl. He will say he loves you, your his ‘wifey’ then he will move on to his next side dish. Even if his girlfriend (that he has been on and off with) allows him to do this, he will NEVER TELL YOU HE IS WITH ANOTHER WOMAN. This is just my experience and my perspective. Who knows what is all on his phone, etc. I am not the only girl he has done bad things too, so look out!!

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