Mindy Johnson will sexualize your minors, lie under oath and discuss inappropriate things with children in her care. I personally sat in on her testimony in court listening to her as I almost puked lie about how someone fingered a child whom based on the mothers testimony was lying. That mother is that little girls best friend and knows how her child touched herself but this piece of ugly fat **** lies and twists the facts into a situation where parents now get their kids taken away for even talking about masterbating. This woman is a pervert and based on what I heard spew out of her ugly face she allows our counties child assessment workers to lie too. She will ****** a child away without speaking to a parent and then mentally abuses them as well as abuses rape victims, attacks single parents and then sexualizes them beyond conversation parents have had with their kids. This woman covered up her own criminal negligence by attacking a family reporting a $75,000 welfare fraud case and then continues to say someone else is not good for their kid. 8 cps workers failed to conduct proper interviews of families and 8 workers neglected to file the truth. Each focused on the complaint maker and not the family breaking the law. People like this sick ***** and her tactics are why we have random shootings. Our judges like Zemaitis and Fredrick allow people to taint what under oath means they allow perjury and unlawful deception. That mother needed sole custody almost 2 years ago and when foc lied to bill schuttes office the judge never remanded them. While that mother sat and waited for her sole custody the county devised a plan to abuse a rape victim and then demoralize her child. If anyone else has had a similar situation please feel free to write in detail how your rights have been violated, use names and details as accurate as possible so that this pervert and her consorts can all be held In the same lawsuit. It’s time we took a stand against judicial impropriety and deceitful cps workers who aid theft of our hard earned tax dollars. If you hate pedophilia I am all for you burning a house down with them sickos in it but again that’s on you and how much you hate perverted county officials. Ill bring the marshmallows..

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