Word of advice:

Do not rent from the landlord at 336/338 Libertyville Road. Landlord refused to give security deposit back after tenant vacated the apartment (even though the apartment was left in excellent condition). Eighteen days after the tenant vacated the premises, the Landlord claimed that a laundry fee was due and that additional rent was due from having the tenant’s partner stay at the apartment.

There was no mention of a laundry fee in the lease, and the tenant was never given written or verbal notification of a laundry fee during the time living at 336/338 Libertyville Road. The first time the tenant was notified of this laundry fee was 18 days after they moved out of the apartment. There was no legal recourse for taking this money out of the security deposit, yet the Landlord refused to pay the tenant. The tenant also holds the legal right to have a roommate in this situation, yet the landlord insisted the tenant pay additional fees beyond their security deposit and rent.

I would strongly recommend that you do not rent from this landlord.

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