DO NOT WORK WITH MARIANA WILSON of NEW ORLEANS! I’ve worked with her, and it’s an awful experience. MARIANA WILSON has no skill or talent, and mainly ambles around lazily and lost, talking and chatting instead of working. If she’s on your payroll, she will be costing you money, and it will be a waste! MARIANA WILSON does not do her job! Anytime I see her at my work, I RUN! She’s infuriating to people that actually do work. MARIANA WILSON has absolutely no respect nor talent nor purpose, nor respect for the people around her that actually do. She doesn’t belong, I hate working with her. She’s just an awful human being, and a lazy co-worker. MARIANA WILSON has many personal issues that she brings to the workplace, and I’m tired of her inducing drama to the people around her. She barely does her job, does not do her job well, and is more of a detriment than a help, and her co-workers will have to take up her slack. If you want someone that doesn’t respect the people she works with, and does a terrible job, will pass work off to the next person, then MARIANA WILSON is the person you want! The next time I’m asked to work with her, I’ll walk off. It would be wise not to ever work with the lazy, drama-ridden, disrespectful slacker named MARIANA WILSON. MARIANA WILSON, go away!

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