The world revolves around Don Taylor, he is a gigantic liar, professional manipulator, a narcissist and a cheater whether he was sexting other women or disappearing for hours daily he was out with a different chick its still being a cheater, has a serious little **** syndrome, and doesn’t feel as tho his **** is big enough to ever make it in the **** industry, if he isn’t benefiting from your presence somehow then you will be history soon, he will treat you like a has been and there will not be any hugging or kisses or affection of any sort again, I am pretty sure that the night we were driving back home and I said something he didnt like that the black eye I got was from him punching me in the face while almost wrecking on the interstate with traffic behind me. He is a horrible person and treats women bad when he decides he wants out of the relationship, him and his last gf broke up and she doesnt want anything to do with him or her child who they adopted together and now I completely understand why. His new girlfriend is a fool for pursuing a relationship with him after calling him at midnight while him and I were in bed and me yelling at him about who was the chick on the phone in the background, I am thinking she is just infiltrating his world for her real b f and his business since the two guys own the same kind of business he is an idiot not to see that as well guess they are perfect for each other

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