That guy keeps meeting girls just for ***. He’s not going to treat you right. And if you don’t get back to him right away to him your a dumb *****.
Are you a dumb *****? Do go for a long haired skinny guy in Peru.
He’s not nice or give you anything, he will say things that you want to hear than he will talk to you like your a child. You don’t want him don’t trust him he just might rape you if you don’t give him what he wants beware if the long haired guy in Peru
I don’t know where he moved but I think that he’s gay and in the closet because I think that he hates girls which is why he treats them like ****
If you get a message from him do not reply to it. He’s nothing but a big *** liar.
Who thinks that girls are supposed to suck his **** and take it in the ***. That’s the way he talks to girls like us. We’re whores to him.
Be safe and if he reply to your ad Flagg his message. Good luck ladies

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