A this poor old guy is so screwed up that he cheated with a colleague Dr Monka B that worked for him & then supposedly after running his business into the ground he had to find more work. Boy oh boy did this he/she criminal wait decades to get the opportunity to finish what she started , f- ing all the old mentors that would give the ugly gigantor nose thing ? time of day. He is very odd / sicko the last 10 yrs and even his wife finally admitted how difficult / vile to live with, violent temper, mean, , ,selfish, cruel, masturbates Frequently with **** -in front of children -daughters-darkest , **** addicted, needs attentions from any female under 25 lol, *** help the train wreck! Marc CrosbyDDS even Tries to wear their teen son’s [NAME REDACTED] clothes that are the size of a pencil with muscles and would fit Dr Marc Crosby DDS’s upper are only. He needs to strength build in the back and ain’t gomnna happen around ignorance at the ghetto jail. – not his build at all. He thought he could stay married ((poor Angel but **** girl kick his fat jiggle a** out ) and carry on this affair and try to screw 20 yr old ‘s like his recent friends , so the wife kicked his cottage cheese a** out-Bravo-About Time -Ugly Pinnochio . All so gross how he used her and his kids , but sounds like there is a history of this in the C gene pool & he acquired it heavily from both his parents – ewww yep – ya – think ?

He was too busy chasing the tranny that he ignored their child with cancer during her 13 hr surgery and the surgeon went off on Angel the wife ! Poor thing She put up with way too much of his crazy flabby a** and lack of common intelligence, modsls , Faith, anything !

He lied constantly , sleeping at office for a couple hours ( what in Bob’s toilet – aw ha ha ha- rumor has it staff & spouse caught ya then Angel , then …) , going on bike ride with Pete hmmmm too funny, we listened to Angel cry too Many Times! Even The Redmonds know what a F-ing insanevloser Dr Crosby is !

Now he wants to cheat Angel more. I hear Angel did too much for him through school- he kept hidden from his family Cuz he is a sick lyin ******* , odd she did not see what an ugly cheating loser he is / was… she kept saying – potential in his soul – I say & said , open your eyes fool , he is the Devil! You ha e so many better offers walk away,The Lord Wants Good For You!,

Not Fat Old Balding Men with Hangups That Never Apologize !

Best part of this …. He is like Nick Nolte when arrested gone bad -not good looking At All but so in love with self & would screw your dog! His wife is Way Too Pretty & young for him.. WTF? He must be gay ?

She Cried at a class not long ago and some of us remembered him and snickered inside -are you serious ? Upset about this over inflated aging ego ? Gross! Put his wife next to tranny- blah ha ha ha , you won’t have tranny clean dog **** let slow your teeth like her reviews say hmmm, so what is the Dr. Crosby Catch ? Criminal as they have now been called out on and voice memoed. All so sad..

Tranny will grab your genetalia … while you are examining / working on a patient and that is what gets her into affairs. She has no problem how it starts- her manipulating a suck & f*** , she is all about manipulation. However , so is Dr Crosby and when it didn’t work in his favor BOOM and she needed pull tranny husband up online, he frequents decent …. not things like he was stuck with … Best Part Is The Young Stripper/ Prost he is chasing in SAN Diego , can’t stand his Fat Old A**! But She Would Do His Son & take his money ugh… he has chased even his friends ex’s Megan Cahal, … LOSER with tires around the middle LOL Those Poor Abused Kids ! What A Complete Criminal Wack Job

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