I bid on Ebay auction #359193357. This was for new clothing from seller ANDELLE. I received e-mail from her after I won, telling me where to send payment. I sent postal money order for $23.70 to her at a P.O. Box in Lake Mary, Florida. I never received the merchandise. After checking her sellers feedback, I noticed 16 complaints against her, she stiffed 16 other bidders. I contacted the Lake Mary P.D.- for mail fraud. They investigated her, but said there was not much they could do about it, since she did re-imburse half of the complaints-after the Police Dept contacted her. I emailed her several times, and she repeatedly deletes emails. After the police dept contacted her, she did email me and offer to pay me back IF I could send proof of payment to her. I kept and printed all of her emails to me. Then, I got copy of cashed postal money order(with her signature on the back!!) directly from the post office and sent this to her via certified mail. She never picked up this mail and she deleted my last email. All I want is my $23.70 back…Is that too much to ask??? I am tired of being ripped off and the authorities dont care to protect the victims, because they repeatedly let people like Ms. North O’Ferrall to get away with this. And Ebay states they provide insurance for every bidder, but the fine print is that it only covers transactions over $25.00.

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