Elvia likes to pretend she is not married. So she posts on FaceBook under Elvia Ortiz and not her current legal name Elvia Contreras. He lies all the way from her age to being married to her husband Roger Contreras Jr. Roger is 40 she is 43 but likes to make herself younger to 41. Her birthday being in October. This is her second marriage. Her first husband “white trash alcoholic who died from Alcohol poisoning. But when your ugly you need to drink your sadness to a buzz and death *****. So back to the ****. She has a younger sister her name is Abby Ortiz. She might be a bigger **** than Elvia! So Elvia currently has a few men on the side. She still has *** with Roger so he can pay the bills. The problem is that Elvia can’t afford rent, her car payment for her Honda Accord. She pays no bills at all. She has met up with Steve in Monrovia at the OakTree Hotel. Elvia Contreras is a smoking drug addict, pot head. Elvia Contreras has two kids. A **** daughter and actually a really good son. Her son is a very young boy who enjoys playing video games. Roger is the dad. She lives and works with her husband in Azusa. She is a Jehova witness. But lives a double life. She has had *** with some of the “brothers” at her congregation. She attends with her mom , step dad, and son. On Saturdays when she goes, she will have *** with her husband. All other days it’s with Steve Inzalaco and other FB friends. But mostly with Steve. Steve is the *** who haves *** with her the most. None of these men will met Roger man to man. So stay away from Elvia. She has diseases too. Here is her number so hopefully the words get out that she is always looking to stop hurting Roger 626-905-1751. She also has another number. Included are pictures of Elvia Contreras- Ortiz. Little does Elvia know, but Roger has seen a video or her having *** at some guys apartment.

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