No action has been taken on a agreement to repair our church roof. One year later, a $25,000 deposit will not be returned. No contact can be made. On June 3, 2013, an agreement was entered into between Encase Exterior Home Improvements, Ltd. and Marathon, ON for the repair and renovations to the church building roof located at, Marathon, ON. We submitted a $25,000.00 deposit at that time. One year later, there has been no action taken to begin any repair or renovation. As a result of no action, there has been damage to the interior to the building because repairs were not made in a timely manner. We have incurred increased costs to the church for labour, travel, water damage to interior, cost of materials, and loss of sale of current solar racking system as a result of these delays. As a result, we decided to terminate our agreement is based upon Encase’s failure to complete the job in reasonable time, failure to meet any of the completion dates set by Encase, failure to provide a written agreement, failure to communicate with us on the status of our agreement. Contact can only be made by cell phone and text messaging.
they informed us in the phone conversation of May 1 that our deposit would be available on Monday, May 5, 2014. At this point in time,June 21, 2014, He has not acknowledging our calls and texts. All three of the demand letters for the return of the deposit have been returned to us as undeliverable. He has not responded to our text to which we appended a copy of the Demand Letter.

Encase Exterior Improvements
117 Tanglewood Dr
Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0

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