When purchasing a warranty from Endurance I asked if I needed to have it taken anywhere to have it inspected or looked at, I was told no. Fast forward 3 months later, after I believe I have been covered this entire time, I have a claim. It was denied stating that an oil change is mandatory within the 30day period after purchasing. Not one person mentioned this to me. After complaining I am told that my contract was never active since my oil change was 10days after the 30day period. IF it was never activated why wasn’t I contacted about this issue? I know why, because they wait for you to have a claim so they can deny it and then say well we can now start a new contract but these issues will not be covered due to it now being a preexisting problem. Worst customer service I have ever received. I will not being recommending this company to anyone. Never trust their word, always read the whole contract yourself because you will get screwed out of legitimate repairs. They said the oil change is only to verify mileage. Well my oil was changed on its normal scheduled time of every 10,000 due to it being a diesel. The mileage could still be verified and the supervisor said it would be fine, but come to find out the claims dept manager will not except it and told me the supervisor has no authority to tell me it would be fine for my repairs to be covered. My contract should be valid and repairs made, I have had every scheduled maintenance done to my car over the last 3yrs. I had an extended warranty up until 90,000miles and never had one problem with their customer service or any claims. I buy another extended warranty with endurance to cover to 200,000 and now this happens.

Endurance Warranty Services, L.L.C.
400 Skokie Blvd Ste 105, Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: (866) 432-4443
Fax: (866) 728-2103
[email protected]

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