The Ex-Girlfriend of Stephen Jordan Ware, Lawrence Kansas, USA who has been exposing Stephen Jordan Ware on the internet is a failure when it comes to exposing one absolutely major critical thing and that is that she is a bigot and a racist and a skin color prejudiced individual who is against African-American males or Black males especially when it comes to having a serious relationship with them because of her serious racist angst and serious racist hatred against their color of skin. However if she was not mentally sick with her racist narrow mindedness and her racist small mindedness she could have chosen someone better whose race would have never been a consideration or a problem to begin with and who would have potentially treated her much better than Stephen Jordan Ware of Lawrence Kansas who ended up lying to her about being an abusive individual. It was out of her racist prejudice and mentally sick and spiteful racial discrimination that she rejected these African-American men and chose instead someone who ended up being false towards her. Racist prejudice is nasty and dirty and so are the people who practice it but it comes with a heavy price that those who practice it must pay and the Ex-Girlfriend of Stephen Jordan Ware must pay this heavy price for her mental sickness of malicious and evil racist prejudice that she indeed has practiced.

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