Faith Dye of Chelsea Alabama posted on her Facebook being proud of cheating twice on her boyfriend and baby daddy Cortlynn. Now she is keeping their child from him in revenge for breaking up with her. Since their son Landon has been born in August she has had at least 5 boyfriends/sexual partners and living on welfare. She failed the 9th grade 3 times, dropped out, and never had a job. She uses men to financially support her and her baby. Faith Dye exposes her son to her promiscuous behavior at all hours of the day and night at both their house and hers with her parents permission. While hooking up with other guys she still sends Cortlynn text messages begging him to make up with her even though she continuously post slanderous remarks about him on Facebook accusing him of abandoning her and their baby when its her keeping Landon from his father. While trying to make up with Cortlynn she lies to her current boyfriends about him, giving them his phone number, letting them send Cortlynn harassing threats.

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