Gary has stolen the life savings from many persons who invested in Magnum Hunter a oil and gas company. I lost $430,000.00 and
my family has been devastated by his lies and put and dump promoting of the company plans to take eureka Hunter pipeline public and so much more

He lied to all for months on end and then filed Bankruptcy on the shareholders two weeks before Christmas 2015

This human being is a complete disgrace to humanity for causing so much pain to investors, two people have committed suicide because of his actions!

Karma will pay him a visit that you can be assure of, karma always visits those who harm good honest people!

He will now exit bankruptcy worth many more millions of dollars while leaving honest investors broke!

I hope you are proud of yourself we know your children would be!

Now the banker who took the company over are sending Gary checks monthly for swiftly putting Magnum Hunter into BK. All of you are shameful humans and know there is a day you will all have to answer for your deceit and theft.

*** bless

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