Gary Spencer is originally from London and he is an Internet predator. He uses different names and emails to lie to different women. He cries that he wants to have a family, he is all alone in this world and once he gets your money, he is gone. On to another unsuspected good hearted woman.
He also shouldnt be near children. When we were dating, he sent naked pictures of himself to my daughter. He is a former model who thinks he is ***’s gift to the world. Dates women much younger than him. Beware! Gary Spencer is not who he says he is. He is obsessive and a stalker. Can’t take no for an answer. He will promise you love, because he has nothing else, and can’t even pay for your dinner. Once he gets you to believe he is the one, your money is gone and so is he.
Be careful! Gary Spencer is a liar and a cheater!

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