I would Like the world to meet Gerald W Berry. He owns the IRS $500000. He runs from woman to woman and takes everything they have then he becomes extremly abusive. He likes to play the innocent Victim. He will call the cops makes false police reports on you just for attention. He will steal steal your vehicles your money and your indentity. He opens businesses in his children”s name so he can invade the IRS. Right now he is running from the repo man due to the fact that the truck he is driving he hasn”t paid a note in 6 months. He wrote a $3000 hot cheek at the dodge dealership in Hammond for the computer to get fixed in the truck. He also wrote a total of $3755 in hot checkes at a savlage yard in Canton Tx to buy another transmission for the truck. He has a 3000$ warrant in Desoto Parish Louisiana for child support oh and and lets not forget that as of right now he is $32547 behind in child supprt. This man thinks he is above the law . He is a very good Con-Artist . He is Married to one woman was engaged to another and beat both of them and cheated the entire time. So lets get this spread across the Us so everywoman will know not to fall into his trap! This man is a con Artist everything stated in this is on court documents in Arkansas Louisiana and Gregg County Texas!!! Ladies please share and please protect yourself

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