Gerrard Hann Ulrich, also goes by Carr, is a professional romance fee scammer in a crime ring originating out of Turkey or Cyprus. He is likely to have changed his name due to the bad publicity from courageous women who have posted to these sites. Here are his behaviors: He writes beautiful letters and texts. He copies and pastes from published love poetry and songs. He will intertwine personal information from recent conversations to make you think he really cares. He will talk on the phone for hours. He will say that he is working on a large telecommunications stock sale. First he will be in Arizona, then he will go to Turkey. He will show you boarding passes, passport and other identification to prove he is real. All of these documents are fake! He will send photo of your picture placed on a shelf with a large horse head on it; photo of your picture next to his head; photo of himself in the bathroom with a sign that says “Good Morning [insert your first name] Ulrich, Gerrard”. We all have the same photos, he edits in our information. His Mother Rebecca will make your wedding dress. He will ask you to look for 5-bedroom houses. You will wed or go on a honeymoon in Bora Bora. He has not been in a relationship with a woman in more than six years. His friend convinced him to give Match one last chance and on the last day of his membership he was blessed to have found you. He has a Bentley and 2 horses (Beautiful and Barry that he will have to sale later. He will send documents showing that he will be funded a very large sum of money when the stock sale closes. He will claim that he needs money to pay the taxes. He will swear on his Father’s grave that he will pay you back with interest. Then he will need more money for the transfer fee. He will claim he is starving, his electricity will be cut off. He will claim that he and his Mother have sold everything they have but its not enough. He will ask you for naked photos. If you send them, he will use these to blackmail you with later. He will talk to you family, he will claim that he wants to a Father and a Grandfather. He will say how can you love me and allow me to suffer like this in order to get you to send $500-$1500 in Money Gram. Then he will ask for large amounts of money to be wired to a bank in Turkey. He asks you to send money to other people rarely to his name claiming he is not a citizen of Turkey and it makes the transfer easier if you send to his translator: Pelin Kuzu, Mehmet Kuzu, Zayyad Mohammed, Zekeriya Gullu and Rachel Moyo. His favorite lines are: I love you with my life darling. You are my life. You deserve everything a good husband has to offer a good wife. Daddy is coming home darling. I swear on my Father’s grave that I will pay you back with interest as soon as I step on American soil. Why do you doubt me? Why do you think evil thoughts? I fear the Lord. See where those evil thoughts will lead you, you will be sorry you believed others. How can you say you love me when you don’t trust me? I don’t blame you. Go on your knees and pray you don’t lose me because you have chosen to believe a stranger than me the man you say you love. Ladies, this man has taken thousands of dollars from dozens of women. As of this writing, eight have already come forward. Please do not be another one of his victims. He is a true professional he knows what to say to make you fall head over heels for him. Then he will rob you blind. My new term is “I was Gerrarded”. He will claim that these posts are done by angry ex-wife or girlfriends. These posts are made by victims who trusted the wrong man. You are not alone.

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