Dr. Gianmarco O’Brien, DDS
Under Investigation For Botched Teeth On Patients
Orange, California
Do NOT go to dentist: Dr. Gianmarco O’Brien, DDS for any reason!!
The office of Dr. Gianmarco O’Brien is an office that hires SOCIOPATHS, PSYCHOPATHS such as JAQUELINE MAYER, a severely disturbed, sadistic, rude, snide, arrogant woman who regularly cusses at, yells, mistreats abuses and hangs up in patients and potential patints alike.
Jaqueline Mayer is a relative of Dr. Gianmarco O’Brien, who hired her and allows her to abuse patients, because he himself is arrogant and does not care about new, potential patients and lacks people skills.
And, more importantly, Dr. O’Brien is under investigation for unsanitary, botched butcher jobs on the teeth of several former patients.
He uses unsanitized equipment, does not practice proper hygiene and has been shut down by the Department of Health for many prior violations of sanitation codes.
Beware of Jaqueline Mayer, the sadistic, clinically diagnosed psychopath in his office.
More over, skip this office and go to another better-suited dentist, as there are so many dentists who are competent, happy to serve, follow sanitation procedures and hire only appropriate, professional office staff.

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