Emails from Google email domains are not being received by clients, but no bounceback msg is generated. 100’s of complaints, no response from Google. Started early 2015. Emails using a Google domain name are sent but not received by clients. No bounceback message is generated, so sender’s business has no way of knowing that the message was not received. Hundreds of complaints on Google’s forum threads relating same problem, loss of revenue, loss of bids, loss of jobs, because clients do not realize that you sent a response and move on to another provider. Google has had no response AT ALL to these complaints and while they promise a service, they are not completing that service and have no comments and no way to contact them directly to trouble-shoot the problem. With most complaints, the email domain names are that of their companies, so they are reluctant to have to change the name of their company or domain to fix a problem for which they are paying Google. Google, it appears, realizes that these are businesses who are trapped into continuing to use a service that does not work reliably- or change the name! The problem is intermittent enough that you can have somewhat of a relationship with a client, and then sporadically emails go missing with no notification.

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