Happy Entertainment is a bullshit company represented by (owner) Alfred Wood aka Happy or AJ Jackson & Sherrika Johnson Jones who are nothing short of a PIMP & a MADAM who get these young ladies to expose themselves for publicity or exposure that they promise. They call these Fashion Show Party Events but nothing but prostitutes walking around in a ballroom to entertain the men in their seats. They sells tickets for these Party Events.

Alfred Wood can’t obtain a liquor permit due to he’s a felon this where Sherrika Johnson Jones come in. He calls them models but its disguised for prostitutes. If you’re into drugs and *** and calling for prostitutes he’s the dude. A PROSTITUTION RING NEVER BOOK ANYTHING WITH THIS GUY. Scam artists making money off of people. Don’t follow on facebook/HappyEntertainment66 events have recently been held at Regency Inn, 1500 Eastridge Road, Richmond, VA 23229


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