AKA JOE, JOESPH, RICO, JUNIOR MAX born jamaica 27/11/1961 lived new york , came to uk under false name in 2000…. This man is pleasent and charming, most people would think hes a decent guy and give him half a chance, the next thing he buys gifts and plays house with you to make you think everything is good (coz he stays with different women coz he don’t have his own) until you feel that uncomfortable itch in the groin area!!! This dirty old man is forever at the clinic with either his WARTS!! OR DRIPPY D***!!! has 15 children and how many women but won’t claim them all.. so best of luck there ladies if you have a child to him coz I don’t see s***!!!! He uses people not for money but for ***!!!!! He doesn’t like to use condoms that’s why he’s always at mayday hospital getting wart cream!!!! He thinks coz he gave you shopping or a gift that means he must get *** or bj!! He would take be from a sexy change if she looked good enough.. he’s on dating sites (POF&MET)looking any type of women SO PLEASE BE WARNED!!! You will be visiting a sexual health clinic soon if you lye down with this dog,you’ll get more than fleas!!!! Also he has no permanent residence in the UK but works or hustler…known areas are croyden, London, Reading, Bristol.. also he drives a old Ford focus reg Y379 FBB

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