My SONY KP-43T70 rear projection TV was purchased one year ago today after a great deal of research and review. It was a very good set with strong features and an excellent picture. Sometime after the first of this year, I noticed a faint horizontal band near the bottom of the screen. It appeared as a darker area than the background and was very noticeable when the screen image was predominately a solid color. I contacted SONY and they sent a technician who immediately tuned to CNBC and labeled my problem “screen burn”. He said that he would contact SONY and reply. He called me back soon the next day and advised that they would not correct the problem. It was labeled as a permanent impression (screen burn) caused by “customer misuse”. SONY referred to the manual that states “Caution, …If a fixed (non-moving) pattern such as a station logo is left on the screen for long periods of time, especially at a high brightness or contrast setting, the image can be permanently imprinted onto the screen. These types of imprints are not covered by your warranty because they are the result of misuse.” The PROBLEM here is that if SONY wanted to inform its customers, they would have placed this “caution” warning on a prominent page of the manual and in a more conspicuous place instead of burying it on the inside cover page with a number of other warnings and in a relatively small type size. They would have quantified their “high brightness and contrast” warning (mine were at factory defaults) and would have defined “a long time” in order to insure that a customer would not trash an expensive investment. This area of the manual is clearly meant to cover any liability by vague and nonspecific language as opposed to be enlightening and offer helpful guidance. I don’t watch CNBC all day, every day but I do watch it. The frustration is that there are no guidelines here. I went out of my way to purchase SONY and to surround the TV with SONY components to complete a home theater. Why should I be penalized by suffering a degradation of my TV after operating it as intended? It’s a television and is meant to be watched. Today, most channels have logos and graphics that are on screen all the time. How about making a product that can be operated in the environment for which it was sold and/or inform the operator within what parameters it can be safely used without damage? I noticed that there is another complaint on this issue that is EXACTLY what I’ve experienced. Mr. Kershaw’s post has been viewed approximately 100 times. Can SONY not afford to replace/repair all the sets that seem to be involved with this problem? Apparently, this is a dirty little secret that does nothing but damage the reputation of a company that, until now, seemed to put quality and customer satisfaction first. I contacted SONY directly and discussed the problem with two customer service individuals, including a supervisor. I found them matter of fact and quite abrupt. Their advise was that they would do nothing and that there was nothing I could do about it.

I’m stating here.

Steve Dreiseszun

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