Isaac Heckman is not who he says he is. He uses Jewish Faith and Christian Faith to get $ from unsuspecting believers with good hearts. Please beware. Do not feed him or let him sleep on your couch unless you are watching your back and for heaven’s sake DON’T give him $. He is capable of getting a job but will NEVER do it even though he has three different children by two women and pays $0 in child support. He was kicked out of Israel by families who refused to continue supporting him and his expensive habits. He will start a Bible study to collect an offering, become a “pastor” (keep in mind he has never attended Theology school), and will pack up and move if confronted by a Rabbi or Pasor rather than succumb to any leadership. Please simply beware that you do not give him your hard earned $. If you wish to feed him, fine. Just don’t invest enough that it will hurt you when you find out how much he’s lied to you about who he is or be upset when you find out he took a three month vacation or bought personal property with your money that is NOT used for any ministry purposes. He will show you a lot of pictures but they are just pictures~ try to rely on what you actually know about him from your personal experience and follow your gut. Buyer beware.

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