This is my husband he is a disgusting liar. He broke up two homes mine and a dear friend of mines. His name is James Hanks and he cheated with Paula Blount Harris who works at East Orange Public Library. He is truly a piece of ****….His occupation is a lame *** electrician. Paula’s ex-husband caught them eating in a restaurant and whooped his ****** ***. He also caught an STD from Nasty *** Paula her ***** was burning and smelling like Raw Fish and Hog Maws. He is the lowest piece of **** ? you can imagine. If you know him please for your own health STAY THE **** AWAY. He is a leaker of contaminated sperm. He is also a broke *** ******. I’m gonna rip his *** apart for child support and marital support. Paula has to pay child support and walked away from her kids. What kind of sick tainted ***** having ***** does that….They deserve each other STD and all….SMH

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