We purchased gap insurance through Hatfield & when we contacted the insurance company to transfer loan holders they informed us they had no record of our purchase. When I contacted Hatfield to find out why the insurance company didn’t have any record, they said they never turned it in. When I asked for a refund, they spent the next 3 weeks saying the checks in the mail. We eventually had to drive down to the dealership to get the refund in person. The weekend before August 24th we were camping & our fridge went out, after contacting the 24/7 roadside assistance hotline they said to take it in for warranty service work. We contacted Hatfield on August 24th & they have yet to return our call. We had to go to another RV dealership twice to have the issue resolved because they never returned our call. We would like to return the camper because we still don’t know if the camper is repaired and may not be able to test it before the warranty expires

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