Jeffrey Hanson is as smooth a talker as they come. He will say just about anything to get in your pants. Puts on a facade like he’s the best thing to ever happen to you. Hes a complete womanizer and will never change for anyone. He will tell you that you are the only one and will tell you he has never done the things he has with you with anyone else!! Lies!!!! All he care for is himself. Receding hairline??? Yes!!! Says he is 40 yrs old in actuality hes old *** 44! Says his last is Jensen but its Hanson. Has many Facebook pages what is he hiding??? His words are dripping with charm so don’t buy into it. If anything don’t give him more than a fake name and a one nite stand if you want to take it there. This guy will do anything to get u drunk, push *** and use u as a *** dump and drop u.

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