I also purchased my frenchton from Jelsi few years ago (before I knew about the workings of the puppy mill industry) – she has been healthy but admittedly hard to potty train (but the breed is notorious for that!). What I’m concerned about is that they had 110 adult dogs in 2010 and 76 in 2011 according to USDA and then oddly in 2014 only have 29 dogs. Where did they all go? The questions I would have for this breeder/kennel/puppy mill is…how many times are they breeding the moms (every heat is unhealthy for the mom and pups and being bred into old age is also unhealthy)), what happens to the breeding moms after they can’t have puppies anymore (euthanized at vet? Dumped at shelter? Dumped in a field somewhere? Drowned? Shot? Poisoned? Sold at sketchy auctions to another puppy mill?- all of the above real options puppy mills/breeders pursue)…I would definitely visit the kennel in person and ask to see the mother and also the retired breeding “stock” and just see where the dogs are being kept and how they are being handled (are they socialized or staring into space and hiding at the back of their cages?) There is so much sketchiness and bs marketing (we are *** loving Christians with lots of grandkids which excuses us from moral responsibility and compassion for for the plight of our dogs) in the biz so just keep your bs meter on. The photos you see on the Internet do not tell the entire story….

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