This is Jenn, or Jenny Smith. This married woman/mother moved in on a vulnerability in my marriage. Granted- my husband cheated with her. It WAS his fault for cheating, but after we had decided to work out our 20+ year marriage this tramp kept persuing him. I was ok with letting karma catch up with her, but she would not leave the issue alone! After being told to ****** off repeatedly by both of us, she took it upon herself to continuously text, call and physically show up over the next bunch of weeks. She would text him with secret symbols and anytime she stirred up problems she’d find him at work and ask if we had broken up yet. Waves, looks, hand signals from across the distances when she though no one was looking. She took it upon herself to text me with all the affair details in an effort to tell on my hubby. She claimed she had come clean to her own hubby… Boy was Bobby surprised to find out what he already knew!! Watch out…. this little girl (only little in maturity) will go to great lengths to get what she wants. She even told her step daughter all about the affair (of course before her hubby knew- classy)!! And to think, on her FB page she talks about how proud she is to be a role model to her daughters. Nice. She is so classy that she will just put the back down in her Trailblazer right there in Spencer Park in Belvidere IL and strip down naked to satisfy her urges (hey- who needs a hotel??). Watch out for this one- NO MORALS!!

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