Her name is Jill Osier. A manipulative psychopath. She is completely insane. At first she is fun, sweet and comes off as sane. Then after she bates & reels you in…. she turns into an evil, stalking nut job!!! She cheats on you and when she is not getting banged by her side dudes she is stalking your call logs, facebook friends, saving there pictures in her own phone and using alias social media accounts in someone else’s name to send any girl you might be friends with crazy message’s. And when you are broken up with her she wont go away! She will text, call, facebook message you all hours of the day and night. And she is a complete drunk! She wreaks of booz because it is literally coming out of her pores so even when she is sober she still stinks. She smells like a combination of human rot & vodka.

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