Jillian Hobbs is a lying thieving *****. She will do anything to get that money for her drug habit. She will use men to get money from them like she did to a few men that WE know of already. She will steal **** out of your home to sell off to those buyback stores that sell used dvds, games, etc.

She is the fakest person you will ever meet. She makes up so many lies that you know are the fakest **** you have ever heard. yet some men were dumb enough to believe them. none of her stories make sense. but don’t get involved with her at all. she will destroy families. she don’t care if a man is taken. she will do anything she can to get money. thats all she does with men ask for money. She is a gold digger. she is in and out of jail all the time due to her drug habit. so don’t let her fool you about she isnt a druggie. she is. you can clearly see on her criminal record that she is and by some of her profile pictures. she will lie about anything. So men please don’t get involved with her, she will leave you homeless, broke, and who knows what else….if you think about cheating on your wife or girlfriend definitely don’t let it be her. although if it is would love to see the women beat the **** out of this *****. she is lucky she don’t get jumped by my people for ******* with the wrong people. someday she will get hers.

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