Joel Vollertsen is a serial cheater, abuser and liar. He has cheated on his wife with no less than 8 women in the past 10 years. He is currently residing in Durham, NC but trying to get a few women to pay his way back to Nebraska, where his WIFE moved and took their daughter.

He has been a serial cheater since high school at Palmyra High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. He moved from Nebraska to Utah when he had gotten caught cheating on his longtime girlfriend. He convinced another girl he had cheated with in Nebraska, who had moved to Utah to take him on and they married.

Within a year, he was cheating again with a girl he met at a college class. They dated and he told her that he was “left high and dry” by his EX WIFE in Utah and he was digging himself out of the hole she put him in. They dated, meeting only at her house and out, he ingratiated himself with her family and friends–then one day called her and said that he was moving back to Nebraska as he’d run out of money.

Turns out, he never “divorced” his WIFE, who was actually traveling for her job and paying all of their bills—and she had just taken a job in Nebraska to be near family and was PREGNANT. Joel called several other women at this time, begging them to “not give up on him” and that he was simply trying to figure out a way to get rid of his wife.

He relocated to North Carolina in 2011 and began affairs with two local women, while keeping other women in Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska on the line…saying that he was actually divorced from his wife and had custody of his daughter but “allowed” her to financially support him for the sake of their daughter.

He was caught with one affair partner in 2012 and immediately began two more affairs with two other women he met while taking classes at Durham Technical Community College. His lie revolved around how he was really divorced and just living with his EX WIFE for his daughter’s sake and that he was a private investigator, while in reality, he was unemployed and his WIFE paid his bills.

He transferred from his job as an EMT to paramedic at Bethesda station in Durham, where he lured one of the women he had been having an affair with—to his work as a set up. An altercation ensued where Joel verbally harassed and terrorized the woman in her car, held her dog down by his neck and screamed obscenities at her—all while on Durham County EMS time and in his uniform (see picture).

If you know this individual or have had the misfortune of being involved with him…RUN. Better yet, call his WIFE—as they are still married—-look him up on the internet and there are plenty of resources that you can use to get in touch with her. Let her know what he’s doing and what he’s been saying. Give her the ammo she needs to get rid of this guy once and for all. If luck would have it…hopefully he’ll end up in jail for the assault and battery on the woman in a public parking lot several weeks ago.

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