This wanna be gym junkie is a no good liar and cheater to be clear right now he’s working as an electricans helper in the corpus christi area he leads women on but has bi sexual affairs he left his gf of over a year for a guy. His fb pic shows him riding a motor cycle that he doesn’t even own he tells women that he owns 3 house when in fact he doesn’t he comes on like some sweet guy but is really the devil in disguise he has 2 kids that he doesnt ever see and would give them up or push them aside for any piece of a**. His last gf he was with and cheated on for a year he moved her 4.5 hours away from everyone she knew and she wasn’t evendors working and he left her to be with a man this poor girl is stuck 4.5 hours away from home with 2 kids and no money no way to move he left her with nothing 2 weeks before Christmas the mother of his 2 kids he keeps playing with her stringer her along all the time keeping he on the side women and men be warned he’s a dirty cheat and a liar.

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