Meet him when I was 19 didnt know he was married at the time in Greenville NC 1989. They got a divorce I started to date him, got pregnant married him month before MY son was born. Lost our home in the flood from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. During the 10 years he repeatedly cheated and moved from job to job. We had a chance for new beginning and moved to Stone Mountain GA 2002. He continued to cheat on me and cleared our savings account of $75,000( ā€œIā€ recovered from the flood) I had enough and I had to take care of all back taxes and credit card debt in order for him to sign my divorce papers. Since then he has been remarried at that I know of 4 more times. I RAISED my son worked 2 jobs, bought our own home and we are on top of the world. This man has been in hiding to avoid paying child support and bills. He has filed bankruptcy 3 times that I know of. His past wives never KNEW of MY son until they had their suspicions. He never files his taxes! His latest exwife filed 6-8 years of his taxes and it went straight to the GA Epic card. Lets just say my son thought it was Christmas and went on a shopping spree and I had no knowledge of the $2000 GA recovered. He still owes over $32,000 while he was still married to his last exwife he was yet again cheating on the dating websites with several other women. MY son was sworn into the United States Marines November of 2015 and finally went to bootcamp October 25 (2 days after his ā€œ22ā€³ Birthday! He EARNED the title of a MARINE January 22, 2016. We both went to court prior to him leaving for bootcamp to legally change his name as he didnt want to become a MARINE with the last name as Everette. He has no since has his name legally changed after MY FATHER to carry on his LEGACY! Well his NEWEST wifeGloria Frisbee Lewellyn Everette who he was seeing while still married had the ***** to tell her that his son was in the military and was critically injured and was ICU over New Years Eve 2015!!!!! How dare him even speak of MY son and then to get sympathy and compassion from people and these ladies. So not ONLY is he a DEADBEAT DAD, BUT A HABITUAL LIAR& CHEATER

He filed bankruptcy a month ago and now to collect any arrears attorney has lowered it and state can not do anything about it. How is that RIGHT??

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