Meet Josh Annis. This is the nice young man who posted an iPhone 6 on Craigslist and assured me it was 100% good and had no problems. When I got home and realized the only way you could talk on it was via speakerphone because the earpiece doesnt work, I texted him and was immediately blocked. He is opening a mobile phone repair shop downtown in Helm’s Barbershop’s old location, so feel free to leave a nice review on his page so that he knows how much small town people love being ripped off by a business that isnt even in business yet. Feel free to send him some loving “welcome to the neighborhood” texts in the middle of the night because true friends dont care when you come calling. Feel free to call him Josh **** and tell him how much you love his douchey haircut and rippling abs. His number is 614-600-6080 if you dont feel like exploring his page. Oh. One more thing. When he told me he was opening his shop on Bever, I told him that I too lived on Bever. He asked me if there were a lot of black people in that part of town because he was going to offer prepaid phone services and black people loved prepaid phones. His words. Not mine. Have fun guys

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