Josh Hale AKA lying scumbag and emotional terrorist. He will play on you emotions about a story regarding being abused by his ex. He does have some proof. Don’t believe him. It’s all apart of his game so he can sleep with you then disappear and treat you like **** without a word. His ex was also barely 18 when he started sleeping with her when he was 34 so he likes young girls. He lies all the time a plays of emotions. He also has more dic in his personality then he does in his pants so trust me ladies. His ghosting and lies are not worth it. He will dump you for the girl who has slept with a billion men and cheats on him because he’s gay and sharing a v***** with lots of guys is the closest he can get to sleeping with a guy without coming out of the closet. You might see his dic on the worlds deadliest catch that is how big of a hoe he is. That thing is toxic. Also he uses his son to catch girls and get attention. Don’t fall for his games ladies. Run far the other way if you can. He is also a big time alcoholic that spent time in prison for drinking and driving. He brags online about being sober but drinks all the time in real life. He is a sleeze bag.
He lives in Stephenville, TX.
He did live in Bowie & Snyder, TX.
Don fall for the ****.

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