Be careful of these cheats.

I was working for this company for last two years and four months and finally I have decided to leave it. Her daughter and the owner both have abused me several times. Every time they use to come up with their own ideas, thoughts, tips and suggestions related to the development of this company. They use to throw all these ideas and suggestions at me.

However, it is just in an infant stage and this will take some time to grow big. Both the owner and her daughter are not in the mood to understand the point that we are already are into the computer age, social media and online shopping. Gone are those days when you use to finalize business deal during your home parties just like the days for landlines have gone.

They are not using social media platforms for getting advisors and wish to get comments on how the company will grow. They will waste no time to make you feel inferior. They also used to send the emails containing the message like your probation period is on, as you have become negative. For them giving ideas is a negative thought. Is it? Well, you are only asking for the suggestions and ideas and now you are not in the situation to handle the reality! Then where I am wrong?

In the last eight months or so, the count of reps has gone down for this company. From 130 to 5! Well, this is a bad thing for just any company. And I will tell the real reason behind this picture! When they started this company, they mentioned everyone that they deal with semi precious and real precious gem stone jewelry that are interchangeable. And soon after that the quality related issues have started to pop up.

To resolve the quality issues, some pieces were tested. And what we got? Those pieces are nothing but the colorful glass items which were silver-polished plastic and painted ceramic. If you will ask me, then I will tell that those items never worth even one dollar. And they are coming up with the cost like hundreds. Junk!

The owner and her daughter have even fired people who know about this in order to keep it as a secret from the customers. And now they are not even paying the commission to the people who wish to leave this company. This is bad and such thing can be only done by a junk owner.
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