This ***** made my life miserable constantly accusing me of what she’s been doing the whole time. She would always tell me how faithful she was. Who does that? It’s a given. She also always would tell me she doesn’t even talk to anyone. That I believe because you can’t talk with a d!ck in your mouth. She is a true ***** to the T. I hope everyone in elk grove and Sacramento reads this. She needs to be exposed for who she is what she does. I kicked her out of my house because of her temper. I almost let her back until I caught her cheating. Someone was looking over me. She went out like she came in. A *****. Never have a relationship with a person that ***** on the first date. She did the same thing to her ex-husband. He has since upgraded. Bigtime! Kerri Ann Devard Steele nine 1 s!x 37o 9 $!x 3 for

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