How do i begin telling my story of Keve Love, the 43 year old Leo. The most toxic man i have ever met in my life! A lair, a cheater, a womanizer,self-absorbed, mentally abusive person, a soul taker, the wolf in sheep clothing, the man that always acts like he the innocent bystander. I started dating keve ,july of 2016 he was so charming, ego seem to be large than life but at the time i didn’t care. i fell hook line & sinker , it took about two months before all the other women he was dating started popping up! Not knowing at the time i was the new victim he was working on. He is the best actor i have ever met, the new place he been at for a year now,it is his stage!!!!!!!!! It all happens behind close doors, and he puts on the charm, the manipulation and mind games begin ! Everything is scheduled, you come to realize after a little time u always see him on the same days, and he disappears on the same days. He deals with so many woman at once i am amazed how we dont run into each other at the front door. So social media has a term FUCKBOY!!! THIS IS KEVE LOVE!!!!!!! He has master the game to the fullest. He works just like this in the beginning pays lots of attention you are the new toy, he reels you in! the mind games begin he makes you feel special! But it is all a act, you will have these conversations he seem so caring into what you say, but he just gathering information to use against you later, so the stage will be set and he will start to tell you about the other women he deals with and what they do for him, he creates the stage of competition among us women, psychologically it’s a beautiful plan, its how he gets you to give him things or take him places. He can always say later he didn’t ask you to that. so when you get to this level the txting starts ( good morning baby!, i miss you! where are you, i need some of you!) everything has a explanation mark after it ( i want more, you put ur hooks in me! time to lock you down! Can’t wait to see you ! good nite ! WYD! when you coming thru, thinking about you! so start to show real emotion, he switches the the tables hey we not in a relationship, he considers himself to be a trophy, a prize at the end of the line! everyone should be thankful to know keve love is how he thinks, its sad he’s such a insecure little man in so many ways! tell us women you know how many i got in my phone that wanna be where you are, its not about *** i can get *** anywhere but i like you i want you here ur cool i like being around you , tells you how the other women are crazy he doesnt know why they do what they do but mark my words there will come a time when you are old news and he is telling the next one the same lines he told you , thankfully my keve love experience ended the day after christmas he took me or a **** of a ride, i do thank *** though he doesnt have sons he will never get to teach a man this how you treat women, the cycle ends with him!!!!!

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