I’d like to warn about Kim Tai, an Asian escort that works in London , Dubai, Manchester etc..
This Thai prostitute gave me STDs and stole money from my wallet so beware if you re thinking about booking this thieving *****!
Her name is Kim Tai ( @xkim_ckx on instagram ) and she is a well known prostitute in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Dubai.
She has been a prostitute since she was a child in Thailand and she got married to live in the United Kingdom, but she did not stop her activity as a hooker.
She claims to be a “model ” like many insta-whores she thinks that posting selfies of herself half naked on facebook or instagram is enough to claim to be a model, even though no one has ever seen any of her “modelling gig” in magazines or websites, other than on her own instagram page.
The truth is that she earns money by being a prostitute , you can book her through her instagram profile, she also has ads on backpage, escort websites…
Now about my experience with her: she arrived late but she let me **** her *** bareback and give good ********. As I paid her on arrival, I did not check my wallet again before she left. I realized that she stole money from me, probably while I was in the shower, but it was too late. Also the next day, I had an infestation of crabs running on my **** and few days later I found out she gave me syphilis and herpes

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