This women cheated on her husband for years. I am one of those she cheated with after she deceived her way into my life. I fell in love with her charms and was happy before I met her. Now I’m miserable cause her husband left her and she moved onto me. I now know why he left her. I called her out about messages on her phone and she ended the relationship. Which although I am deeply hurt I am also deeply grateful for. I want others to know the kind of person she is. Deceptive, damaged and dangerous. Our relationship was highly toxic. Not because of anything other than her controlling issues and inability to feel anything for anyone but herself. I spent a year and a half justifying her behavior. Now I’m calling it out. If you are reading this, look out for manipulation, deception, put downs, justification of behavior like OCD, bullying, inability to have an argument at all, withdrawal of ***, comparison to ex’s or old lovers. These are all warning signs. This picture shows the message we shared at the start of the relationship, while she was still with her husband who left her in Jan 2016. At the end of the relationship I contacted him. She had been using guilt to manipulate him for months and I never said anything. Now I have. The worst was when she fell pregnant with my child, and told him it was his. She wanted him to get angry and he did. He didn’t know until I told him that it was mine. I look back now and cannot believe the kind of person that would do this kind of thing.

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