Laura is an emotional wreck. Stays up late on drugs and paranoia kicks in. Had all her children removed from her care for child neglect, and drugs then partied hard and more drugs while they were in care. This sad pathetic excuse of a mother (if she deserves that title) will bleed you dry, and make all her drug using friends hate you with her poison lies from her rotten mouth. Beware of her she pops out kids to each man she meets for benefits from the welfare system and has had many abortions due to having control over her men that she got pregnant to. Kanye West song should be played for Laura Gold digger (18 years she has you for 18 years and on the 18th birthday you find out kid isnt yours) Stay clear of this walking parasite and hope and pray she dont get her scabby body next to yours one night. has 5 kids to all different men and aborted or lost ones due to excessive drug use. The scabs on her body are caused by lack of washing, and excessive drug use and she says she has eczema!! Her make up is plastered on and quick towel wash over a sink and she is ready to meet some random she just met from social media.

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