I recently returned from living abroad for 2 years to tie up some loose ends. Skip was a friend/sometimes lover i have known for years. He offered me a place to stay while I am here. After 3 weeks of contemplating it, I agreed. He even bought me a 2004 vw, and said I could drive it back to Costa Rica when I left the states. We all know that saying if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I wasn’t prepared for the 2 personality Skips. One was loving and kind; the other a very mean drunk who says hateful things. I heard how he wanted me, how sexy I was in one breath, then it was about his 42-year-old Latina “friend” who is an unemployed, illegal immigrant, that he is “helping” with money. The curious thing is she’s been here 20 years. Then there was the African American woman. I also had to endure him talking about every other woman he’s had *** with during the two years I was gone. (Seriously?) His personality changes dramatically when he drinks, which starts at noon. It’s all downhill from there. Last night was the last straw. He came home drunk and went into a frenzy because I asked him where the brussel sprouts were he was going to pick up, but apparently was too drunk to remember, even though he called me from the store! I should have taken a cue from what he said happened at the bar earlier that day. This 69-year-old said something racially offensive to a black bartender and was thrown out. Skip said he nearly slugged the former NFL player. Um, I can see how that would have gone. I packed my things and left. And yes, suddenly today, he wants the used car he gave me back. He can have it. Liar and Indian giver. Cheater, too. I should have known better. Years ago he cheated on his wife with me.
It seems nearly impossible to meet a good, honest and decent man anymore.

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