This woman is off her rocker! She’s a racist, stalker, bully, & true to the definition narcissist. She uses mental & emotional bullying to harass her significant others & people around them. She’s polite to your face but will cut you down behind your back. Is a huge hypocrite. Claims to be loving & positive yet behaves in the opposite manner. Any help she offers comes at a price. She will constantly berate a person & put them down to make herself look & feel inferior. Claims to know martial arts yet doesn’t even have the education of a beginner. She’s a gals prophet, makes up false propaganda about people she’s spiteful of. Beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing. To date her is to court death of your sanity. She’s very good at emotional warfare & has the sharpest tongue of anyone you’ll ever encounter. She’s a liar, stalker, mentally unstable person.
Grew up in Swanton, Ohio but lives in Holland, Ohio with her lying, equally abusive & psychotic ex husband Eric Gonzalez.
If you have any questions feel free to call her. 567-686-5561

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